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Thanks for visiting our website. We’re commited to raising the finest cavaliers in the breed. Healthy Background Certified.


Learn from experience

Getting To Know Us

Learn From Experience

When we first decided we wanted a Cavalier we didn’t have a clue like so many people we thought 2500.00 was a lot of money for a dog. We made a huge mistake by not reading up and realizing the importance the bloodlines play in these dogs and how much a difference it makes in the dog. We went to a breeder in SC and she sold us a male puppy that was 1300.00 and we brought him home. His testicular did not fall and he had eye problems and his temperament was very hard to train. We realized that he was not the quality we were looking for. We had him neutered so he could not be breed. We did some more research and finely bought from a very reputable breeder and learned much more about the importance of bloodlines in this breed. No matter whom you buy a Cavalier from make sure you see the parents and make sure you do your homework, Ask to speck to former buyers of their Cavaliers. That’s our story so we learned the hard way and we are trying to share so people don’t make the same mistakes.

Our Family Litters

Past Litters

We had two litters last year and bred. Solids, Black and Tan, and Ruby

Expected Litters

We are home breeders and do not have but a few litters a year, We have a litter due in July  and August 2019 

The Firestine’s

Our Mission

Tim and Barbara Firestine have years of background in raising dogs. We are totally dedicated to bringing you the very best in this bloodline. We will always do what is in theirs and your best intrest.

Rivershyre Cavaliers

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Lilly Rose

Sophie Rose

Raven Rose

Molly Rose

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Prince Marley