General Information and Safety Tips

Rivershyre Cavaliers

Our Cavaliers are health screened and DNA checked. My husband and I have gone to great pains to make sure when you get a cavalier from us it will be an amazing puppy. You will have a healthy and beautiful pet as part of your family. Our Cavaliers are AKC registered with limited registration and we ask you to spade and neuter your Cavalier after 9 months of age. Limited Registration is to protect this breed and our bloodlines from being exploited and overbred. You want a protected bloodline so your beautiful Cavalier is special and not a xerox copy. We look forward to speaking to you and hope you decided that one of our Cavaliers is what you want.

Safety for your Rivershyre Cavalier

Please remember these are delicate animals and there are several things that you need to be very vigilant about. Cavaliers do not do heat well they get over heated very easily please be careful in your cars not to leave your cavalier for long periods of time Cavaliers also are not outside dogs they love going outside but not for long periods of time and should never be left outside in the heat or cold. These dogs love sitting on your lap and they love attention and feeling like they belong. Crates are good for these dogs they get uses to having their own place and feel secure in their crates.

Feed your dog good healthy food DO NOT use Grain Free Food it has been proven to cause heart disease so make sure you choose a food that is well balanced Purina Pro Plan , Iams, make sure its made in the US.

Remember Never feed your Cavalier Onions, grapes, raisins, or chocolate.

Most of all love your baby every day and your Cavalier will love you back!